About Dr. Andy Mancini

Dr. Andy Mancini is the founder of Figaro Crowns, Inc.

He has attended Harvard University, NYU, Children's Hospital Colorado and UNC - Chapel Hill. He has MBA in Marketing. Dr. Andy Mancini is a Black belt in TaeKwon Do, A certified CrossFit trainer and Scuba Diver. He can speak 4 foreign languages: English, French, Spanish and Japanese. Dr. Andy Mancini owns a business called Figaro Crowns INC,wherein he recommends Figaro Crowns which are the strongest ALL WHITE, METAL-FREE, BPA-FREE, pre-formed dental crowns on the market today. Through extensive research and testing, our data proves that Figaro Crowns outperformed Stainless Steel Crowns (SSC) and Zirconia Crowns 2-2.5 times in ball bearing and compression tests.