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The Hidden Benefits of Figaro Crowns

When business owners consider what products to carry in their office or stores, they often think about the differences using a cost/benefit analysis. The same can be said of pediatric dental crowns, where dentists generally tend to think in terms of cost vs. benefit. The questions dentists tend to ask are: “does this crown serve its purpose or work well for my patient” and “is the cost worth me carrying a particular brand over another?” Some might go a little further into the benefit analysis, but generally dentists tend to weigh these two questions more than others. In an ideal world, most dentists would like to carry the best products, while also creating the best value for their patients and their business. This just seems like common sense. But doesn’t every manufacturer sell their product as the “best” product, and one that offers the most value? Yes, usually. At Figaro Crowns however, we intend to back up our ‘Best Value’ trademark with supporting evidence. Here are a few more hidden benefits of Figaro Crowns that you might not have thought about.

The Aesthetics of Blending In Vs. Being Bullied

We mention the aesthetics and cosmetics of Figaro Crowns because the colors blend extremely well with natural teeth. Few people might stop to think about why this would matter so much at such a young age. After all, most pediatric crowns aren’t a ‘permanent’ crown solution. However, at a local pediatric dental office we were alerted to the fact that a child was worried of being bullied over stainless steel crowns. The mother of the child stated that her son was worried about being “picked on in school” over “silver crowns,” and was extremely happy that white crowns were an option for her young son. You can view her video testimonial below:

It’s unfortunate that kids can be bullied and picked on for the most egregious reasons. At Figaro Crowns we rest assured that not only do our dental crowns have a fantastic cosmetic appearance, but they really are THE STONGEST, THE PRETTIEST & THE BEST VALUE.

Fiberglass Dental Crowns Have Benefits for Cancer Patients

Few dentists stop to think about pediatric dental crowns and any kind of relationship to patients also suffering from cancer. But we know that bacteria can be a problem for those with compromised immune systems, a common bi-product of chemo-therapy. This becomes a problem with so called “Passive Fit” adaptations in pediatric dental crown procedures. Certain brands incorporate this ‘passive fit’ into their product, which in turn leaves a space or gap between the tooth, crown and gums. The space becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. And this buildup of bacteria is a tremendous hazard for patients with compromised immune systems.

Pediatric Dental Crown Fit Comparison

Figaro Crowns uses a flex fit technology that seals around the tooth with proper placement. This helps eliminate any spacing or gap between the tooth and crown, preventing bacterial buildup.

Pediatric Dental Crown Strength Comparison

We’ve touched on the strength of Figaro Crowns fiberglass technology vs. the competition. This is where children really benefit the most when compared to other crowns on the market. We’ve run several ball bearing and compression tests comparing our product to other popular products. You can view Figaro Crowns Strength Test Results here. Figaro crowns outperformed both Zirconia Crowns and Stainless Steel crowns by a long shot.

As a pediatric dentist you’ve probably had many cases involving a shattered crown due to grinding. So we invite you to view the video below to see just how easy the replacement process can be when upgrading to Figaro Crowns:



When it comes to Figaro Crowns, the difference is easy to see. Our all white crowns blend end nicely with a child’s existing teeth, creating amazing cosmetics. Our flex fit technology seals in the remaining tooth, eliminating unwanted bacteria and future problems associated with bacterial buildup. And the strength of Figaro blows the competition out of the water.

We encourage our customers to do a cost/benefit analysis of our products. Because when we say that Figaro Crowns offer THE BEST VALUE, we mean it! Please sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest information. You can also sign up with us to shop for products below.