Why Figaro Crowns

Figaro Crowns Outperformed the Competitors in ALL Strength Tests



Figaro Crowns are the strongest ALL WHITE, METAL-FREE, BPA-FREE, pre-formed dental crowns on the market today.

Through extensive research and testing, our data proves that Figaro Crowns outperformed Stainless Steel Crowns (SSC) and Zirconia Crowns 2-2.5 times in ball bearing and compression tests.

Reports show the average human bite yields 72 lbs. of force during chewing (ball bearing).


Zirconia Crowns cracked at 75 lbs.

SSC dented at 127 lbs.

Figaro Crowns withstood 199 lbs.

The human bite has been documented at well over 100 lbs. of force (compression).


Zirconia Crowns shattered at 93 lbs.

SSC smashed at 160 lbs.

Figaro Crowns endured 264 lbs.


Superior Strength When Compared to Other Crown Options

Stainless Steel and Zirconia Crowns Grinding Failures

When Zirconia Crowns Fail They Shatter into Dangerous Shards That May Be Swallowed


Through our manufacturing process, our unique, patent-pending pediatric crowns replicate the true anatomy of a natural tooth.

While Zirconia and SSC are limited in mimicking the tooth’s shape and more closely resemble hills and valleys, Figaro Crowns embraces the true tooth's anatomy, producing an aesthetically beautiful result with cusps and grooves.




Figaro Crowns are ALL WHITE, METAL-FREE, and BPA-FREE, and are made from the highest-quality, safest, and time-tested products used in dentistry and medicine today.

There are no sharp or exposed edges, as there can be when a child grinds through a Stainless Steel crown or shatters a Zirconia crown.

Figaro Crowns are made in the U.S.A. and possess all ISO Certifications required by Canada Health and the FDA.

The technique of our crown preparation, selection, and delivery is similar to what is taught in dental school when placing a Stainless Steel crown.

The Figaro Crowns' System and its Kit container cases were thoughtfully and logically designed to simplify the lives of dental professionals. Our team at Figaro Crowns has redesigned a cutting-edge container case that mimics the placement in the patient’s mouth.

With our system, you no longer waste time with confusing containers and have additional safety that helps you avoid cross contamination with the two independent locking doors when you’re working on placing a crown.


You will save both time and money with our dentist-recommended pediatric crowns. Our product provides the unsurpassed aesthetics and beauty of an all-white crown, while offering superior strength and the highest value available on the market today.

  • Figaro Crowns require less tooth reduction than Zirconia crowns
  • There is no need to wait for cement to set for delivery
  • Our fit is impeccable (Flex Fit Technology)
  • You can (and should) check the bite/occlusion prior to delivery
  • Compared to other white crowns on the market, you will save between 40% - 100% per crown by joining the Figaro Crowns community
  • Anatomy, aesthetics, and color that mimic a real tooth for only a few more dollars than Stainless Steel crowns
  • Efficient delivery with preparation to delivery achieved in less than two minutes! Dental providers are able to increase production without having to increase hours worked. 

We are all about simplicity. We have a better product, better processing, and our people are amazing. Figaro Crowns can offer our customers the option of qualifying for free shipping.

LANGUAGES – We speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Hmong.

The Strongest. The Prettiest. The Best Value.