About Figaro Crowns, INC.

At Figaro Crowns, we are a team of dental professionals with a passion to focus on the research and development of the newest innovation of dental crowns available on the market today.
We understand the significant frustrations that parents experience with the aesthetically unpleasing color of stainless steel crowns and the high pricing of zirconia crowns. Also, standard crowns can be brittle and have a tendency to crack, not to mention the toll that harsh grinding and the eating habits of children can have on them.

Our extensive research, innovation, commitment to beauty, and dedication to quality – while lowering cost – are changing the current standards of preformed dental crowns forever.

The Fiber Glass Revolution has begun…


The Strongest. The Prettiest. The Best Value.

At Figaro Crowns, we are at the core of innovation, cutting edge technology, beauty, integrity, and craftsmanship. We are committed to our community of customers and pledge to: 

· Conduct business with integrity

· Support customers with courtesy

· Excel in quality and beauty

· Create cost saving value

· Focus on exceptional results


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