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How long until my order ships?

· Most orders ship via USPS Priority or International Priority Mail by the next business day after order is received and payment processed.

· Most orders arrive within five to six business days, depending on location.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we do!

What is the Warranty & Return policy for Figaro Crowns Inc.?

All unused Figaro Crowns come with a warranty against manufacturing defects within 30 days of purchase.

We provide a full refund or account credit for any unused and unopened product returned within 30 days of purchase - subject to a restocking fee.

 Contact smile@figarocrowns.com for additional Return/Exchange information.


What are your Billing Policies?

· Accounts may be opened for registered doctors practicing.

· An electronic order confirmation will be sent via email after an order is placed.

What ADA Code is recommended for Figaro Crowns and is it the same for both anterior and posterior crowns?

· Both Anterior and Posterior Figaro Crowns use the same ADA code: D2932 – Prefabricated Resin Crown.


What are Figaro Crowns made of?

· Figaro Crowns are made of the highest quality medical- and dental-grade fiberglass and resin.

· All ingredients used are biocompatible, metal-free and BPA-free.

· Made in the U.S.A.

Why are Figaro Crowns significantly less expensive than zirconia crowns?

· Our efficient and smart manufacturing process.

· Made in the U.S.A.

· As dental providers who understand the importance of your bottom line, we strive to provide our customers with the most affordable, highest quality products on the market.

Why do Figaro Crowns look so much nicer than any other crowns?

· Our manufacturing process and patent pending composition of all our bio-compatible medical and dental grade materials allows Figaro Crowns to have a real tooth like appearance.

· Figaro Crowns are ALL WHITE, METAL FREE, and BPA FREE.

· Made in the U.S.A.

How are Figaro Crowns able to achieve 2-2.5 times stronger results compared to stainless steel crowns and zirconia crowns?

· Our technology is cutting edge and second to none.

· Figaro Crowns outperforms both metal and zirconia crowns.

· Figaro Crowns sets the new standard in Preformed, all-white Dental Crowns.

· The combination of our patent-pending composition of medical- and dental-grade materials.


How do I sterilize my Figaro Crowns?

· Autoclave, or steam sterilization are all acceptable methods.

How do I properly cement a Figaro Crown

· Use any glass ionomer (GI) or any resin-modified glass ionomer (RMGI) cement for best results.

Am I able to shorten a Figaro Crown and, if so, how?

· Yes, Figaro Crowns may be adjusted slightly on occlusal/incisal surface only (just like a resin filling would). Due to our pre-beveled margins we do not recommend adjusting the margins.

· The key is to use a gentle touch for adjustments, if any.

· Figaro Crowns are designed to minimize the need for any adjustments.

Are Figaro Crowns crimpable?

· No, Figaro Crowns are not crimpable.

· Figaro Crowns have a small flex for a superior fit and are designed not to need crimping.

Am I able to use a bite stick to seat a Figaro Crown?

· Yes. You may seat Figaro Crowns in the same fashion as you would for a stainless steel crown.

· If the crown will not seat entirely, consider more reduction of the tooth structure or a larger size.

Are the steps of placing a Figaro Crown the same as placing a stainless steel crown?

· Yes. Prepare the tooth (ensure Buccal and Lingual surfaces are lightly prepped), select the crown, load with cement, and deliver.

· We can teach you how to do the process in under two minutes.

How do Figaro Crowns compare to strip crowns, stainless steel crowns, or zirconia crowns?

· Figaro Crowns are less technique sensitive than strip crowns and zirconia crowns.

· Figaro Crowns place similar to stainless steel crowns; however, our dental crowns are the strongest, the prettiest, and offer the best value. - please refer to technical tips page.

· You will be able to “prepare to deliver” in under two minutes.

How is gingival response to Figaro Crowns?

· The same as preformed dental crowns that had seating following correct standard dental protocol learned in dental school/residency.

Is pulpal therapy needed or required when using Figaro Crowns?

· No, unless dictated by the extent of caries.

Do I need to remove the label letters or numbers after cementation?

· No. Our labeling system is hidden and not noticeable when placed in the mouth.

What if my patient swallows a Figaro Crown?

· 90% of objects swallowed and/or inhaled are radiolucent. There are standardized exams and/or treatments for those aspirated/swallowed radiolucent foreign bodies. When not on a tooth, a Figaro Crown is more visible on an x-ray, leaving a more noticeable outline. Please refer to technical tips page.

What is the best instrument to retrieve a Figaro Crown after checking the bite?

· The best instrument to retrieve a Figaro Crown after a bite check (prior to delivery) is a Howe plier. The correct way to remove the crown is to gently grasp the buccal and lingual surfaces and wiggle it out. Please refer to technical tips page.

What if Figaro Crowns # E51 or F61 size XS is still too big?

· Choose the crown size that looks most natural in the child’s mouth. Approximate the original size of the tooth prior to cavities/damage. If the size extra small E (#51) or F (#61) is found to be too big, you may swap sizes D (#52) for E (#51), and you may swap sizes G (#62) for F (#61) if needed. This helps provider to avoid carrying unnecessary inventory. Please refer to technical tips page.