B/54 "Beverly"

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Figaro Crowns are Rx products only sold to licensed dentists.
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Product Description

Beverly, our B/54 primary first molar dental crown, is an excellent option!

  • Stronger than stainless steel and zirconia crowns
  • Half the time needed - from prep to delivery compared to zirconia crowns
  • Beautiful Anatomy and Natural color that blends to real tooth
  • Flex Fit technology - Hugs the tooth (works well for regular spaces and space loss)
  • A great way to restore a smile!

Each Beverly crown is made with leading-edge medical-grade components that are also used in pacemakers, which means they are the industry standard for safety and reliability.

Beverly can withstands a pressure test of well over 260 pounds, making her one of the strongest pre-formed dental crowns in the industry. She has proven to outperform stainless steel and zirconia crowns by up to 2½ times.

Refill packs for Beverly come in options of three, and an easy-to-use sizing system: XS, Sm, M, L, and XL (compare stainless steel sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6).