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Figaro Crowns are Rx products only sold to licensed dentists.
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Product Description

At Figaro, we believe that any dentist or pediatric dentist need an intuitive and easy-to-use dental crown, and that’s why our Posterior Kit is designed to keep the work of dental professionals, both assistants and doctors, as simple as possible.

Our kit includes 56 crowns, with two crowns for each of the more popular sizes, and one crown for the remaining sizes.

  • Safety
    • Independent left and right opening lids to minimize cross-contamination
    • Teeth-shaped latches help prevent unwanted opening during transport
  • Practicality
    • Container case and labeling system both mirror the mouth position to ensure ease of proper selection
    • Avoid incorrect selection of crown due to complex packaging
  • Efficiency
    • Intuitive positioning of crowns within container

If you’re a dentist who needs a better solution when it comes to dental crowns, order your new posterior kit today!