H/63 "Heidi"

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Figaro Crowns are Rx products only sold to licensed dentists.
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Product Description

Heidi, our H/63 primary canine, has a realistic and beautiful aesthetic, making it look and feel like a natural tooth.

  • Stronger than stainless, zirconia and strip crowns
  • Half the time needed - from prep to delivery compared to zirconia and strip crowns
  • Beautiful Anatomy and Natural color that blends to real tooth
  • Flex Fit technology - Hugs the tooth (works well for regular spaces and space loss)
  • A great way to restore a smile!

At Figaro, we use leading-edge medical-grade components that are also used in pacemakers, and which are the industry standard for safety and reliability.

Our canine dental crowns can withstand pressure and stress tests well over 260 pounds, making them the strongest pre-formed crowns available today. The Heidi can outperform stainless steel and zirconia crowns by up to 2½ times.

Refills for Heidi come in packs of three, and feature a nimble sizing system: XS, Sm, M, L, and XL (compare to stainless steel sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6).