Value Comparison

Figaro Crowns understands the balancing act dental providers face needing to deliver quality work as quickly as possible to the patient while their managing on-going costs.

When evaluating pre-formed pediatric crowns, there are many intangibles that go into determining the value of the purchase such as cost, safety, efficiency, quality and aesthetics. 

At Figaro Crowns, we provide the best option for pre-formed dental crowns on the market today in strength, beauty, quality and value. 



Figaro Crowns Outperformed the Competitors in ALL Strength Tests



Our meticulous selection process of materials included research of advances made in medical and dental materials.  Throughout our process, we evaluated and hand-selected the materials that provided the highest level of safety and minimized risk for both patients and providers.

Figaro Crowns’ materials are:

  • Biocompatible – comprised of the same material currently used in pacemakers
  • Strong - created for superior strength to withstand grinding and chewing bite force
  • Safe - thoughtfully designed with materials that do not allow for sharp edges due to tooth grinding or shattering of the crown while clenching or chewing
  • Cost Effective – we have virtually eliminated the risk of failure at delivery (i.e. cracking, breaking & chipping)
  • BPA and Metal Free – provide peace of mind and reassurance for patient's parents
  • Autoclavable



Figaro Crowns, So Natural They are Virtually Undetectable by X-Ray.

Our Crowns are Much Better for Monitoring the Health of the Pulp and interproximal caries.


Below you will see x-rays of the same treated tooth (#A), the first image shows Figaro Crowns and the second image shows a stainless steel crown.

Monitoring Tooth Pulp


The management of schedule and chair time is of utmost importance for dental providers.  Therefore, the focus of our development was to provide a product that will help increase productivity and efficiently manage the use of chair time.

Based on our own time analysis, delivery of a Figaro Crown takes the same amount of time as delivering a stainless-steel crown. 

Using our methodology, the preparation and delivery of a Figaro Crown on a typodont has consistently taken two minutes or less - 50% faster than the 4+ minutes required to prepare and deliver a Zirconia crown

Over the course of one year, this would save the equivalent to one full work week (as illustrated in chart below).




Passive versus Flex FitBite StickEASE OF DELIVERY

As Pediatric Dentists, we understand, sometimes it can be challenging to perform intricate, lengthy work on young patients.  Therefore, Figaro Crowns made it a top priority to provide our customers with a crown that may be delivered quickly.

    • Loading of cement and placing the crown is efficient - there is no waiting for the cement to cure completely before the child bites down.
    • Delivering Figaro Crowns is similar to stainless steel crowns – no need to learn a new method.
    • Redesigned container case – mimics the placement of the tooth in the mouth.
    • Color-Coded container case – easily and quickly identify whether it is posterior or anterior crowns.

Shaped More Like a Real Tooth

Shaped More Like a Real Tooth



When faced with the decision regarding crowns, we understand that parents desire the most natural looking crown for their child’s mouth.  Figaro Crowns are unique and alleviate the need for dental providers to choose between aesthetics, durability and price – with Figaro Crowns, you have it all.

  • Figaro Crowns are not simply white – they possess enhanced anatomy to more closely mimic a natural tooth’s cusps and grooves.
  • Figaro Crowns are priced to give the provider the opportunity to give all their patients a natural looking smile.


Figaro Crowns has created an affordable answer to deliver superior, durable, white pre-formed dental crowns to all patients. 

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For most insurance companies, the reimbursement fees for pre-formed resin crowns are higher than pre-formed stainless-steel crowns. 

Individual reimbursement is dependent on insurance contracts between provider and insurance company and patient and insurance company.