Why Figaro Crowns

What its made of

Figaro Crowns, So Natural They are Virtually Undetectable by X-Ray.

Our Crowns are Much Better for Monitoring the Health of the Pulp and Interproximal Caries. The only crowns that are MRI friendly - The new standard for cancer patients and their imaging needs.

Figaro Crowns has the commitment to excel in each one of the three ‘Ps’, patient, parent, and provider. When developing Figaro Crowns, we took the frustrations we had with the existing crown options and developed a crown that we feel is what every dentist needs.

Welcome to

the Fiberglass Revolution

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More Natural Fit than Zirconia

Passive fit is all you need for the ideal crown preparation and delivery

Zirconia Crowns recommend a passive fit for their crowns. This fails to accurately portray the limitations of their outdated manufacturing which does not allow a perfect fit and, thus, they are 100% dependent on the cement to keep their crowns in place. Some Zirconia Crowns claim to possess long-last bonding. What is not disclosed is that this long-last bond is between the crown and the cement, not with the tooth. This passive fit leads to the increased risk of the bond between the crown and the tooth failing. Using what we call Smart Manufacturing, Figaro Crowns and its leading-edge technology allow for what we have termed a Flex-Fit. Our crowns’ fit is simply impeccable, like a glove, over the teeth.

Shaped More Like a Real Tooth

Zirconia is the perfect balance between art and science, nature replicating esthetics

Zirconia Crown

Zirconia claims their crowns look like a natural replication of the tooth when, in fact, the natural occurring anatomy of a real tooth is missing. Zirconia crowns do not include the natural grooves and cusps of a real tooth.

Figaro Crowns

Figaro Crowns naturally replicates the tooth with all the grooves, cingulum and cusps giving a superior esthetic, and realistic, beauty to the crown.

Prep and delivery / Cement

Above you will see crowns on #G and #S that showcase Figaro Crowns superior, natural anatomy and flex fit.

Unique to the white crown market, we highly recommend you check the patient’s occlusion during size selection and during delivery after loaded with cement.

Figaro Crowns Outperformed the
Competitors in ALL Strength Tests

Figaro Crowns are the strongest ALL WHITE, METAL-FREE, BPA-FREE, pre-formed dental crowns on the market today.

Through extensive research and testing, our data proves that Figaro Crowns outperformed Stainless Steel Crowns (SSC) and Zirconia Crowns 2-2.5 times in ball bearing and compression tests.


Anterior & Posterior Kits

Our Anterior Kit (Blue) and Posterior Kit (Green) are designed to keep the work of dental professionals, both assistants and doctors, as simple as possible.

Each kit (Anterior and Posterior) includes 56 crowns with two crowns for each of the more popular sizes and one crown for remaining sizes.