Dental Crowns

Crowns for Baby Teeth

When children come to a pediatric dentist for a filling, they may be nervous about sitting in the chair for an extended period of time while the doctor works on their teeth. Fillings can be a good choice for decay in baby teeth, but if the cavity is between two teeth or located in the molars, the filling may not last for the duration of the tooth. Most baby teeth fall out by the time a child is 12 or 13, and that’s what makes dental crowns a more viable option for tooth repair. At Figaro, we offer a better alternative to stainless steel and zirconia crowns, and can help your clinic offer your young patients a different option to fillings.

The Crown Falls Out with the Tooth

Children with tooth decay may not say anything about their oral pain, and the only way they can receive fillings is if their parents notice and make an appointment with their dentist. If a tooth requires multiple fillings, it could compromise the integrity of the tooth and lead to further problems. Fillings in baby molars have a tendency to break down, which means the tooth will have to be repaired again before it falls out. With a pediatric crown, the tooth can be capped and the crown will simply fall out when the tooth does!

An Aesthetic Alternative

Another advantage to our Figaro crowns is that they offer an aesthetic alternative to traditional crown options. The metallic appearance of stainless steel crowns can make a child feel shy about smiling, and if another child at school or day care happens to see the crowns, it may lead to teasing or bullying. Our preformed options provide a more natural appearance no matter what tooth they’re placed on, and their greater durability can withstand the chewing and crunching a child puts their teeth through on a daily basis.

If you have patients with teeth that are too damaged to be repaired with fillings, or you’ve noticed that traditional crowns don’t seem to stay on their teeth, our fiberglass products could be the key to ensuring they have optimal oral health. Instead of having to come in multiple times for multiple fillings, a child can have multiple crowns placed during one visit, and the design of our products can cut down on the time they spend in the exam chair.

A crown can also save them from needing space maintainers, which are devices that keep the space open for their adult teeth to erupt, should a baby tooth fall out too soon due to damage or decay. Both fixed and removable maintainers can present a host of issues for children, and crowns can help them avoid those issues.

If you’d like to know more about our products or learn how they can benefit your dental practice, please contact us today. We love meeting pediatric dentists who are looking for the best products and services for their patients, and we know you’ll love how easy our crowns are to install.