Dental Crowns

Give a Child the Smile They Deserve

Working as a pediatric dentist has many challenges, but hopefully the rewards you see outweigh those challenges. When treating a child’s teeth, you’re hoping that their smile will be bright and healthy for years to come, or at least until their baby teeth fall out and their permanent teeth erupt. At Figaro Crowns, we want to provide dentists with the materials they need to give every child they treat the smile they deserve. In this blog, we’ll look at the physical and psychological benefits a crown can offer.

Physical Benefits

A child who has suffered damage to their teeth will face difficulty when it comes to tasks such as speaking and eating. The functionality of their teeth has been compromised, and a crown could be the only option that will restore the physical characteristics of an affected tooth. If they’ve chipped or broken a tooth, our fiberglass crowns can provide the stability their dentition needs so they can eat and speak with confidence. They can also help a child who has broken a tooth avoid pain while chewing or talking.

Psychological Benefits

Children face a number of emotional challenges as they grow, whether it’s the first day of school or the first time going to the dentist. They try hard to make friends and find a group they can connect with, but if they have tooth damage or decay, it can have an impact on how they view themselves. This psychological obstacle can be challenging to overcome, and if they speak with a lisp or are shy to smile in public, they may become more reserved as they grow. Dental crowns can restore their smile and help them feel more confident when they encounter a new situation or a new group of people.

A Stronger Solution

Stainless steel and zirconia crowns can be viable options for pediatric dentistry, but our fiberglass products offer a stronger solution for children who need dental treatment. If they’ve previously had a stainless or zirconia crown placed on a tooth, and the crown came loose or fell off while they were in public, they may feel self-conscious about having another crown put in place. Children are active creatures, and having a crown fall off while playing can be devastating. Our products are a much stronger option that fits more securely and looks more natural than other crown options. On top of that, they are also metal-free and BPA-free!

If you’re interested in learning more about our pediatric dental crowns, please contact us today. We have worked hard to create a product that makes life easier for dentists and their patients, and we know that each child will feel confident, no matter if they’re eating, talking, or smiling. Our crowns also require less chair time than other options, which means that children can feel less fearful about visiting their dentist. We are dedicated to providing the very best quality, both in our service and our products.

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