Dental Crowns

Making Your Dental Office Kid-Friendly

As a pediatric dentist, you’ve made a commitment to helping children enjoy better oral health, whether that’s through regular cleanings, standard fillings, or dental crowns. In our last blog, we spoke about pediatric crowns for baby teeth and at Figaro, we’re committed to helping dentists find the very best products for their patients. If you’re opening a new practice or you want to shift your focus to pediatric dentistry, there are a few things you can do to make your dental office more kid friendly. Your Waiting and Exam Room Decor If you’re focused solely on treating younger patients, then your waiting and exam room decor should reflect that. Picking a theme doesn’t have to be difficult, and if you...

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The Benefits of Pediatric Dental Crowns

Parents are usually extremely excited when a child’s first teeth erupt through the gum line, but then they realize that they must care for their baby’s teeth until the child is old enough to brush and floss on their own. This primary dentition (aka baby teeth) normally consists of 20 teeth that include the central incisors, lateral incisors, and first and second molars. These teeth will of course fall out and be replaced by the child’s adult (permanent) teeth, which come in at a count of 32. Parents may not worry as much about the baby teeth because they know they won’t be there forever, but that doesn’t mean that decay can’t be a problem. Dentists across the country treat...

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Offering Dental Crowns as an Option

As a dentist, you want to offer your patients the very best oral health options. You provide fillings for cavities, bridges for restorative work, and dentures for those who have lost multiple teeth, but what do you offer in terms of dental crowns? For many years, the traditional options for crowns have been zirconia and stainless steel, and while these can offer several benefits, there’s always room for improvement. At Figaro Crowns, our fiberglass options are two times stronger than traditional options, and much more affordable! Better Costs for the Dentist It takes a lot of time and energy to operate a successful dentist’s office, as well as money. The operating costs of employing a full-time staff, keeping equipment in...

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